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How Shivani Parasnis looked Into The Unknown for Kyoona

Shivani Parasnis is a typographer / graphic designer from Mumbai, India, and currently works as a designer at Spotify, from her quaint little bedroom-studio in Baltimore. Her work is heavily influenced by her physical and emotional environments, and she enjoys melding influences of the east and west in her practice. Her design thinking is grounded in typography, illustration, vibrancy and culture.


By Kabir Palrecha

For most people, getting a Master’s in Biotechnology would be the destination after a long journey. But for Shivani Parasnis, it was the starting point of a new one in the world of design and illustration. And after getting her second Master’s, she’s found massive success and developed a truly unique style. Her secret ingredient? She loves looking at the world through a child’s eye. In fact, she’s been told her work is kiddish. But that’s always been a good thing. Because there’s no better fuel for imagination than the ability to turn the mundane into the magical. And there’s no one better to take that fuel and turn it into the fantastical Into The Unknown set.

Into The Unknown is exactly what the name suggests. In its world, nothing makes sense. Because nothing has to. It’s an adventure in bright, vibrant landscapes with imaginary beings and twinkling stars. A kingdom where you are the protagonist, creating your own bedtime story and the friends that play a part in it. For Shivani, the entire process was taking out the seriousness that sometimes occupies the design space and simply having fun with a project. To create for the sheer love of it. Which is why even though this is part of the Kids collection, it’s also on her bed. And she hopes other adults follow, letting their imagination take the wheel for a while and putting the logical, practical part of their mind to bed. Literally.

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