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How Surrealist Decor Can Spruce Up Your Space

Time for some honesty. Raise your hand if you look around at your space and feel unsatisfied. Like it’s started looking like every other room you’ve ever seen. If that hand is up, we might have a way to get rid of that feeling by incorporating surrealist decor to spruce up your space.


Surrealist decor might sound complicated but in essence it’s really simple. It was born in the early 20th Century and focuses mainly on the excitement and mystery of things that weren’t supposed to go together. It went beyond the traditional school of thought to explore the imagination of the unconscious mind to create dreamlike works of art. That translated into strange patterns, opposite materials and essentially anything that contrasts the plain jane decor you’ve seen before. For example, imagine a vase that is circular instead of the stereotypical shape and is made out of glass and metal. That’s surrealist decor. Where imagination meets bold design

So, now that we have a brief idea of what surrealist decor is, how do we incorporate it? The answer is literally however you want. The best part about this design style is it comes in all shapes and sizes and having fun with it is the only way to find out what works for you. Here are a few ways it can come to life: 

1. Play with clashing colours: 

A hallmark or surreal interior decor is finding bold, vibrant colours that would traditionally clash with each other and using them to highlight your space. From pretty pinks to bright blues and greens, colour is your best friend.

(Image: Vincent Darré’s surrealist Paris apartment; Photo by Jérôme Galland)

2. Mix and match textures: 

Texture doesn’t just feel good, it can also add an extra dimension to the look of your space. You can use a variety of textures to create depth and contrast. Throw a woven blanket or shag rug onto a velvet sofa, add some pillows with different fabrics, and watch the magic unfold. 

(Image: The Folly House; Design by The Busride Studio & Photo by Kunal Bhatia)

3. Play with patterns: 

Instead of opting for the stereotypical clean look, try finding ways to introduce patterns into your space. You could opt for a minimal, geometric pattern or a unique, extravagant pattern to make your house come alive. A great place to experiment with patterns could also be your bed. Finding surreal bed sets, like the ones we have, is a great way to bring an otherwise muted part of your room to life.

(Image: The Monk’s Tangerine Set; design by Shweta Sharma)

In the end, surrealism is all about letting your imagination run wild. And it’s going to be a process of trial and error. When you find the right combination of elements, your space will truly look and feel like your own, which is what matters the most. 

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