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Karan Singh’s Echo: A Symphony of Style and Comfort for Your Bedroom

Karan Singh is an artist and illustrator from Australia. His distinct work is a contemporary and playful combination of op-art and mid-century graphic design. Through restricted yet vibrant colour palettes and hypnotising patterns, he explores and exploits our perception of depth and movement. His art lives in an eclectic variety of mediums, including prints, animation, video, augmented reality, puzzles, sculpture and clothing. Over his professional career he has lived in a number of cities including Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Malmö, Sydney and Melbourne; where he has worked with the likes of Apple, Louis Vuitton, Herman Miller, The New York Times and Nike.


By Preksha Sharma

An encounter with Karan Singh’s work infuses the viewer with energy.

His art has an infectious exuberance. Bold and vibrant colours, defined lines, and dynamic subjects are the defining features of his art. Singh’s visual art is quite impactful and leaves a lasting impression, which is one of the reasons that the world’s best brands have collaborated with him for their campaigns. Another aspect deeply integral to his work is patterns, which have a hypnotic, optical art-like quality that has the viewer riveted to the artwork.

Singh likes the complexity and simplicity of making patterns. For a while, it became an obsession for him, and he would get lost in the process. Perhaps that’s why his patterns have a meditative quality, just like in the Echo bed-set he designed for Kyoona. The Echo is inspired by the movement of sound waves reverberating through space. Like all of Singh’s work, the Echo is a balance of the soothing calm of patterns merged with the liveliness of the signature Karan Singh colour palette.

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